Collecting Rare game does not mean "Pretending like acrylic boxes makes the value go up"

Collecting Rare game does not mean "Pretending like acrylic boxes makes the value go up"

Collecting rare games has become a great passion for many that enjoy playing videogames and appreciate the history and art behind them. For a very long time, videogames were seen just as a form of entertainment. But as time went by, rare games became great collectibles. And now, the videogame collecting market is exploding, with some games being worth upwards of 5 or even 6 figures.

Why do people collect rare games?

It’s not about pretending that acrylic boxes are making the value go up. Instead, it all comes down to nostalgia and gaming history. One of the reasons why rare games have exploded in price is because people want them, they want to preserve videogame history. They want to have a piece of history in their collection.

And since there’s a lot of demand and not a lot of games available out there, it’s easy to see why this is going for a premium at this time. The lack of offers and huge demand is the reason the rare game value is constantly going up at this time.

Plus, many games are cherished because they were innovative, a lot of fun and they brought a lot of amazing memories. It’s all about showing your love for videogames and also keeping the history alive. The truth is that many videogame collectors rarely play or sell their games. They are doing that in order to preserve history, and they think that opening the game’s box (if the box is pristine) will damage that history.

Should you start collecting rare games?

The truth is that rare games are great collectibles. Aside from looking great on your shelf with collectibles, you also get to preserve history and show off their importance to others. This is also a financial investment that might pay off. Many of the rare videogames are slowly increasing in value, with some of the extremely rare ones receiving a huge boost. That’s what makes them incredible, the fact that they are so much fun and extremely enjoyable, and it’s exactly the thing you need to keep in mind.

Of course, everyone collects for different reasons. There are some people that collect just to have their collection increase in value and sell it for a profit. But most rare game collectors do this because they really love those games and appreciate their history. They want to own a piece of videogame history and even pass it to their loved ones.

Videogame collecting is more than just acquiring videogame cartridges and keeping them in their box, on a shelf. It’s about nostalgia, it’s about preserving videogames and their history, while also pushing the boundaries and appreciating how much games have evolved in the past few decades. Rare, retro videogames are the stepping stone of the videogame industry, and that’s why they are worth a pretty penny. For videogame lovers, these are the ultimate piece to display and show appreciation for!

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